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2 Things we loved about Nashville.

When talking about our trip, Nashville was the one place that surprised people. Nashville? Why are you going there?

1. Music

This first reason is pretty obvious. With its reputation for country music, we looked forward to checking out some great live shows - and Nashville did not disappoint. Known to be the place to be discovered, a visit to Bluebird Cafe is a must. We waited in line for an hour to check out the Monday open mic night, witnessing some very talented, plus a few strange artists. (One older couple sang for 5 minutes about their kitten ‘Tiny Unconditional Love’…) Walking down Broadway, almost every second place had someone playing. Our favourite show was Lucie Silvas, who played a Christmas fundraiser with a few other acts at 3rd and Lindsley. 

1. The Honky Tonk bar 
2. The Bluebird Cafe 
3. Lucie Silvas 

2. The People 

When visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame, a chirpy staff member proudly explained that Nashville was voted the friendliest place in the states. We’d have to agree, the people in Nashville are awesome. Every sales assistant, waiter, and hotel staff member we came across was helpful and downright lovely. We spent an hour in Nordstrom chatting to two sales assistants, who imitated Fran Drescher while we tested out our Southern Tennessee accents.

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